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Senior class picture, Oceanside High School,
Oceanside CA

Surfing at Honolua Bay,
Maui, 1968

Pousette-Dart & Troy,
Oneonta, NY, 1972

John Curtis, Jon Pousette-Dart,
John Troy, 1973

How to get laid,

The Pousette-Dart Band
tour bus, 1975

Backstage at The Bottom Line, NYC, 1977
with the Pousette-Dart Band, Hank Medress, etc

Dad (Paul Troy), 1978

Pousette-Dart Band, 1978


With Dave Finnerty, 1979

Pousette-Dart Band in
Photo Booth, 1979

Pousette-Dart having a
wonderful pee, 1980

John's first gig with Natalie Cole,
Las Vegas Hilton, 1980

Natalie Cole Band:
Troy, a friend, Jimmy Macon, Ray Brown

Natalie Cole Band

Well-dressed Natalie Cole Band

With Eric Parker, 1982

John Hall Band, 1982

With John Hall Band, 1982

Bonnie Raitt and John:

John Hall, Bonnie Raitt,
BB King, John 1982



One show with Whitney Houston,
before she got big

Playing with
Joe Cocker, 1986

Can't remember, Maxine Green,
and John backing up Joe Cocker

The Pencils: Jean-Dominique Sifantus,
John, and John Curtis

Playing with Joe
somewhere else, 1986

Pousette-Dart Band,

Finnerty Troy, 1991

John Curtis, Jon Pousette-Dart,
John, Eric Parker, 1992

Late night
studio session, 1994

Warwick 5-string,

Dave Brown, Troy Brown, and
John Troy. Seriously.

John Troy & Goose Gossage,
January 2001



With Tom Brady,

With James
Montgomery, 2003

With Jon Pousette-Dart, Jim
Chapdelaine, Eric Parker, 2003

With Whoopi Goldberg,

Jared Mason,

David Brown,
Jared Mason Session, 2004

Dave Mattacks,
Jared Mason Session, 2004

With Johnny A, 2004

Marty Richards, 2004

My other ride...

Yard work with
Chris Smither, June '04

With the
Pousette Dart Band...

... at the Regent Theatre
(Arlington, MA), June '05

Sal Baglio, Bert Syms,
and me, 2006

At the Lebanon Opera House (NH),
opening for Don Maclean, June '06

Henley Douglas, John McGovern, Amadee Castenell,
Parker Wheeler, David Brown, and me

Ten year old James Troy went in a submarine across the Atlantic,
parachuted into Scotland, and snapped this authentic,
genuwine photo of the Lock Ness Monster. Disbelievers Repent!"

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