November 2001 (11/9/01)

The gig at the Rhumbline on 12 October went well. Our drummer that night, Dave Mattacks, was awesome. He's played with the likes of Paul McCartney and had just recently come off the road with Mary (Harry) Chapin (Karen) Carpenter. I actually happened to see him on the Today show or Good Morning America or whatever that show is with Katie Couric and that other chick I'm crazy about. Anyway, you know how they set up on the street and play to a buncha people waving signs to their moms in Akron? Well, there was Dave banging his tomtoms right behind Mary's bongos. Cool, huh? He's British, you know, so when you talk to him and hear that accent you think he's smart. But he's really friendly so next time he plays with us go ahead and say hi because he'd be happy to talk to you.

Noelle sang with us, too. Noelle, or Miss Schroeder to her 4th grade class, is a gifted singer who joins us occasionally to lend a harmony or even step up and take over with a soulful rendition of "Cruisin'" or some other tasty tune. She sounds and, uh, looks, real good. Is that sexist? OK OK, Mattacks is a hunky piece, too.

Speaking of hunky pieces, my partner Dave Brown had to languish while I went off and did my sideman thing with John Hall, Jonell Mosser, and Robbie Dupree down in Woodstock, NY on 27 October. We played to an auditorium full of people who gave us a standing ovation when we were through. I got to sing that high part in John's song, "Dance With Me": I can take you where you want to goooooooooo...woohoo! But then John snapped "Don't get cocky, bass boy!" so I retreated to my spot next to that killer drummer, Eric Parker, with whom I've shared so many...well,...never mind. Anyway, after the show, there we were, Eric and me, freezing our asses off in his cabin in the woods, listening to tapes of his great band, the Funky Sex Gods, when I realized what's so great about pouring milk on ice cream. It crystallizes! That's right. I got this from Eric. You come home after a gig, it's 3 or 4 in the morning, so you have to have a bowl of ice cream. This we all know. BUT, if you pour a double shot of milk on it, the whole mess gets this crinkly, tinkly thing that you are gonna love. Check it out.

If you're an Orleans fan you should go to John Hall's website. He's still writing great songs and making albums. Also at that site you'll find Jonell Mosser who sounds sorta like a cross between Bonnie Raitt and Janis Joplin. Real good. You can order their music online, too.

Coming up this month I'm gonna be playing with Toni Lynn Washington at the Grog in Newburyport on 18 November. It's an early show. We hit at 6:00 and play till 10:00. Early bowl of ice cream that night! Toni's a killer blues singer. I've never played with her so come and see if you can catch any clams. Toni's website is

On 21 November David and I will be backing the great Fly Amero at the Rhumbline in Gloucester. If you've never seen Fly perform do yourself a favor and come see the show. I am honored that Fly picks me to play with him. This cat is the real deal if you want bluesy, kickass rocknroll. He's a burning guitar player and and a great vocalist. Visit his website at

On Friday 23 November David Brown and I will be doing our own show at the Rhumbline. Our new CD, Sidemen, will be available at the show. It can also be ordered online. The Rhumbline is a fun joint. I'd like to take this opportunity to urge the faint of heart to get themselves over there. It's so easy:

128 North to the 1st rotary in Gloucester
1st right out of the rotary--Washington St.
Go over train tracks
Left at the Texaco

There it is. See? It's so easy.

David and I don't have a steady drummer yet which makes things interesting because we get to play with so many different great drummers. Dave Mattacks was great and Mike Levesque, who will be playing drums with us on the 23rd, is great also. Mr. Levesque (pronounced laVEK) has worked with David Bowie, Susan Tedeschi, and more bigshots than I want to include in this already long newsletter. He's a real roots rock cat with impeccable chops. Shoot, you oughta come to all our shows just for the drummers. They're always so damn good. I love my job! Anyway, you can visit Mike's website at

Sheesh, does everybody and their mother have a website? Seems like it, don't it?

David will be holding forth for a night of acoustic music with Allen Estes and Fly Amero on 1 December at the Universalist Church in Essex. Check our website for details coming soon.

David and I will be at the Sit 'n' Bull Pub in Maynard on 7 December. Wait till I tell you about that drummer. Hooboy, what a monster. I'll tell you about him in the December Newsletter.

There are more details plus a bio, mp3's, soon a photo album, & other stuff on our website. Please tell your friends to check it out and register for the mailing list. We're just starting out and trying to get things going. Also, please feel free to reply to this Newsletter. I will answer all email.

Keep your eyes open in this new world we're living in. Be brave & strong and look out for each other. Reveal your love when you feel it.

And turn it up!

Ciao for niao,

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