Andersen's CD features topnotch talent


I've always been a fan of Joyce Andersen's work. In fact, her second solo album, "Right Where I Should Be," is one of my all-time favorite CDs, so when I received her third solo offering, titled "Love & Thirst," I was anxious to pop it in the player and take it for a spin.

Of the 13 tracks on this 57:43-minute-long CD, the talented singer-fiddler-guitarist penned 10, one with hubby Harvey Reid ("Thirsty Girl"), as well as tunes by Eric Andersen ("For What Was Gained") and Bob Wills and Tommy Duncan ("Brain Cloudy Blues"). Her talented husband plays acoustic guitar on "Lonely Riders" and lap steel on "Two Soldiers."

Other gifted musicians who appear on this CD include Duke Levine, who covers electric guitars, mandola and national steel guitar, and John Troy, bassist for the project. There is a surprise appearance on "Lonely Riders" by drummer-percussionist Dave Mattacks, who also performs on piano on this track.

The album closes out with a powerful trio of songs grouped together as "A Peace Trilogy" that features the aforementioned "Two Soldiers," the timely and timeless "For What Was Gained" and the ever-hopeful "Filled With Love."