June/July 2002 (6/26/02)

Appearing at
Saturday 29 June
103 Washington Street
Haverhill - 978-374-9710

This one looks like it's gonna be a lot of fun. It's a nice room with great sound where many top notch cats 'n' kittens have thrown down to the boogity beat. They even have a studio in the house in case someone wants to record the performance. Find out more about the Chit Chat at their website: www.chitchatlounge.com

I been talking to the big cheese there (or as we refer to Fidel in Puerto Pinko, El Queso Mas Supremo), Gary Schena, and we're thinking about turning it into a CD release party with food! Dave Mattacks will be joining us on drums. He's really good. Hey, if he's good enough for Paul, uh, Sir Paul McCartney, then he's good enough for us. So everybody come to the Chit Chat and get stuffed, get hopped up, get on the dance floor, and who knows?... maybe get lucky.

If that sounds too stimulating for you, if you're a Rock Sissy (or as we in the business refer to you, a Drum Chicken), then maybe you'll be interested in our acoustic gig at:

Thursday 27 June
73 Rocky Neck Ave
978 283 7967

Best option: Both shows. Then you get to juxtapose our sweet, suffering, tender, wistful side with our drooling, head-banging, crotch grabbing, snot-slinging side.
You don't knows
To which shows
Yotta goes?

I'll be gone most of July. I'll be back to play with David Brown and JB Amero at The Rudder on Thursday 18 July. I'll send out a reminder that week.

Y'all should check out the new scrapbook on our website. There are old pictures of the Pousette-Dart Band, Bonnie Raitt, BB King, and other various shots from my checkered past. Oh yeah, couple shots of David, too. You should keep checking because new pictures are going to be posted plus the performance schedule is always updated.


May 9 we played the Dolphin Striker, which is a name someone's gonna have to explain to me... seems like a dolphin would be better flogged than struck...in Portsmouth NH. It's a nice place with great, and I mean great, food. Portsmouth is a jumping town at night, crawling with happy college kids. You know...drunks. One of them approached us as we were setting up and said "So what kind of music do you play?" Tango.

May 17 we played the SitnBull in Maynard. I had the chicken & rib combo. A guy made his way over from the bar as we were setting up and said "So what kind of music do you play?" Brazilian nose flute.

May 18 I went down to upstate NY and saw John Hall get married (again). Great band at the reception. I sat in. Eric Parker played drums. I love him. I don't care who knows it.

May 25 we played the Millstone Grille in Ipswich. A table of tattooed teens chain smoked and paid no attention. A guy at the bar stared at us like he was having a religious experience. And down the hall from the stage I could see into the kitchen where the Latino staff were dancing.

June 8 I got an emergency call from Marty Richards, The Drum Doctor, who told me that James Montgomery's bass player, David Hull, had fallen off a loading dock & busted his arm & could I play bass that night. Well, sure! Back up to Portsmouth for two fun sets with the Bluesmaster himself! I've known James for 30 years. He used to open for us or we'd open for him, depending on who was up or down, but I never actually played with him so this was a real treat. He's got a great CD out now called Bring It On Home To You. You can visit his website at: www.jamesmontgomery.com While we were setting up a UNH pleasure seeker veered toward the stage, grabbed and held on to a pole, and said "So what kind of music do you play?" Russian Army folk songs.

June 13 we were back at The Rudder. That whole area, Rocky Neck, is really unexpected. You drive through Gloucester, past unemployed fishermen shooting up on the town hall steps, turn right onto Rocky Neck Avenue and suddenly you're in Sausalito. Shops, chichi galleries, and restaurants that open in back over the water where diners can yell "Avast!" at passing watercraft as they fork their scampi. One never knows, do one?

June 15 I played a private party with the James Montgomery Band. Now the songs were a little familiar so it started to really cook. The attendees went bananas.

June 20 I played with the great Fly Amero. This guy is really something. I don't know why he calls me because he can do it all. He's one of these people who can sit on a bare stage with a guitar and cast a spell that will keep all the seats full. The man plays guitar and sings and boy is he good at it. You really ought to check him out. His CD, Fly Solo, is available. He can be found at: www.flyamero.com We played at the Red Rock Cafe in Swampscott which has the distinction of offering the smallest space I think I've ever had to perform in. The guy was leading me down this passage next to the bar that led to two doors when he stopped and said "This is it."

"What is what?" says I.
"This is where you're going to play."

When everything was set up, taking my place on stage was more like climbing into a cockpit than anything else. I literally could not take a step in any direction. At least I had a great view of Fly, seeing as how my elbow was in his ear. Before we started, as we were setting up, some guy teetered over and said "So..." and I shot him.

No, I didn't really shoot him. It's light hearted humor like that that gets me through the day. No, the guy said "So what kind of music do you play?" Albanian anal flap drones. If you think they sound good, just wait till you smell 'em, pal. Now go have a nice barf and let me die.


Tailor of Panama is really good. Geoffrey Rush is great and that James Bond guy, what's his name? Thomas Crown Affair, Dante's Peak...that guy. He's good, too. He plays a nasty sleazeball which is unexpected and strangely refreshing.

Speaking of Rush, Quills is awesome. That Titanic chick is in it. Wow.

Speaking of wow, there's this movie you can rent, I can't remember the name of it, starring Sigourney Weaver and Jessica Love Hewitt and Gene Hackman about a mother/daughter scam team who go after an old man or rather his money. It is funny and sexy. When you laugh and have a boner at the same time it can really tire you out, I'm telling you. Oh yeah, Ray Liotta's in it, too. It's really good.

Black Hawk Down is good, I guess, but it's scary and depressing. Just like the news.

Training Day is far out. Denzel as a scary, mean-ass bad guy. Whoa. Good.

Final Destination is cool! Who's gonna get offed next? Not who you think...

Mulholland Drive is scary and sexy. When you're really scared and have a boner, that can tire you out, too.

Speaking of scared boners, you gotta see Bound. It stars Jennifer Tilly (humminahummina) and another woman I don't know and the guy who was the traitor in the Matrix. Suspenseful. Very good.

The Man Who Wasn't There is just great. Billy Bob Thornton is great and his movie wife, the policewoman in Fargo, is great. Francis McDormand.

Bandits, with Billy Bob Thornton, Bruce Willis, and Cate Blanchett, almost lost me. I was just about to turn it off when something happened and I decided to give it another five minutes. I was glad I did because it got real good. It starts strong, slows down for awhile, then takes off.

Cate Blanchett is so good. I love her. She's in another great movie with Kevin Spacey called The Shipping News. It also has Julienne Moore. Judi Dench rounds out this talent laden cast for a superb movie watching experience. Kevin Spacey is a chameleon. They all are. Great actors.


Another newsletter draws to a close. "Finally", you're thinking.

My special thanks goes out to Arthur Leslie. Here's a guy, the kind of guy I wish I was. He can fix anything, the way a real man oughta be able to. Your car's broken, your toaster, toilet, VCR, pitching machine, golf cart, computer, bowling pin changer, stop light, helicopter, whatever... he can fix it. He actually likes to do it. Fixes things for fun. So when I told him I was throwing out my little practice amp that I've beaten up for 20 years and that sounded like an underwater chainsaw, he said wait a minute lemme see it. I dropped it off. Next day he called me and said it was fixed. Unbelievable. Not only does it sound brand new, it looks brand new. He polished it and put on new knobs. And these are some fine looking knobs. So Arthur, thanks!

Don't forget to visit the website see the new pictures. I also recommend that you order our CD, SIDEMEN, while you're there. Sure I'm trying to make money but I really do think it's good and that you'll like it and put it on heavy rotation. That's what people who get it tend to do. At least that's what I hear.

I know I haven't responded to every one of your emails but that doesn't mean I won't. I will get around to replying to everyone.


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