January 2002 (1/10/02)

Just in:

Click the link below to download an MPG video clip of John Troy singing the high part in John Hall's song "Dance With Me" (which he referred to in last month's newsletter) at a show in Woodstock.

"I can take you where you want to goooooo..."

The gig at the Sit 'n' Bull Pub went very well. Those of you who were there will be proud to learn that, according to the club owner, it was the longest conga line ever seen in the place. Thank you all for being so nuts.

We have zip, nada, zero gigs on the calendar at the moment. There are several reasons for this. One is that David is off to London to work on another project. Another is that I'm waiting for an album review to put in my press kit before I start sending it out for gigs. I'm fixated on that, actually. Another is that this is a notoriously slow time of year. Excuses, excuses. Yes I know. But stay tuned: There Shall Be Gigs.

I saw Lord of the Rings and it was awesome.
I liked it, anyway.

My four-year old asked Santa for a fish. Had his heart set on it. I was not keen on the idea because pet fish strike me as smelly, goggle-eyed, gulping things that swim around trailing a string of feces until they very shortly die. But there was nothing for it so I hied me to Petco where I consulted the fish boy who advised me, when I asked for a creature that would require the least maintenance, to get a betta fish, otherwise known as the Siamese Fighting Fish. He said that the betta is a rugged, solitary fellow. He said he knows a guy who keeps his betta in a water glass. He showed me some candidates. I had to admit to myself that they were rather handsome: about two inches long, a blue/violet color, with flamboyant, fan-like fins and tail. I chose the feistiest one with the brightest color. I got a classic fish bowl, some red gravel to offset the fish's blue color, some dechlorinator to treat tap water, and some food pellets. Came in at around $40. Not bad. On the way home Bruce rode shotgun. I don't know why I named him Bruce. He just looked like a Bruce to me. By the time we got home I kinda liked little Brucie. He's a fighting fish, you know. Tough little guy.

That was Christmas Eve, December 24th. By the afternoon of December 26th, Bruce was dead. The moment he got to my house he started dying. I did everything by the book but he faded and croaked. On Wednesday Bruce was drifting to the bottom of my toilet bowl like a leaf on a calm day. Whoosh! Bye bye, Brucie! And you know, he wasn't the only one who was pissed off. My kid got home and said, "Where's Bruce?"

"He was lonely for his friends in the ocean, Jimmy."

Yeah. So he went to visit them on the Poop Chute Express to Hell.

The next time I take Ralph in for his shampoo and clip, ol' Fish Boy's gonna get an earful, that's for damn sure.

I liked Memento. I also saw Moulin Rouge, under protest, and you know what? It was good. Really good. Boy, that Nicole Kidman is something. I'm sad that she and Tom called it quits. I haven't been this upset since Bert & Loni split up. But you know what is a really great movie, in my opinion? O Brother, Where Art Thou. It's so good. It's deep and the music is just man oh man. I asked Louie at Bedford Video how it was making out and he said people either love it or don't get it. I don't know what there is not to get. I mean there it is. It's a story. Oh well. Like the protagonist says, "You won't find logic in the chambers of the human heart."

I gotta get these pictures together. There's me & Joe Cocker! There's me & Bonnie Raitt! There's me with no pants! It's gonna be great. You are going to love it. Soon as I get 'em in there.

OK look, I'll do it this weekend for sure.

Wop bopaloo bop,
John John

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