February Newsletter (2/19/02)

David is back from London. All we have right now is the Sit 'n' Bull in Maynard on 17 May. As I said before, I'm waiting on a review before I start booking.

I almost said yes to a touring gig with Johnny A., a guitarist who is getting national airplay. I don't know if I would have had the gig had I said yes but it doesn't matter because I said no and that's because I've tasted the nectar of playing and singing my own songs and because I've done the backup thing for so many years. I'll still back people up, do the sideman thing. Don't get me wrong. But I just want to do it locally or on short tours.

Then again if Eric Clapton calls, all bets are off. Johnny A.'s website is www.johnnya.com

I'm on six tracks on Caroline Aiken's new CD, UNSHAKEN. She's a singer/songwriter with great songs and a wonderful voice. Check her out at www.carolineaiken.com

On 30 March I'm playing with Fly Amero at the Essex Room in Essex MA. Also on stage will be Allen Estes and Sal Baglio. Every time I've played with this crew it's been a great night so I have no qualms about recommending it. Details can be found on our the Shows page. Fly's website is www.flyamero.com

Anyone remember Andy Pratt? He had a spooky hit in the late 70's called Avenging Annie. I did a European tour with him in the early 80's. He settled in Holland around then. We lost touch. Two weeks ago he called me. A few days ago we played in my living room. Boy oh man oh man he is some kinda good. Expect to hear more.

This newsletter comes to you sans rant. I've been advised to exercise discretion in regard to my Tourette-like outbursts. A February rant does, however, exist. If you care to read it, send an email saying as much and I will send it to you.


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