Monique Berry I Won't Pretend 2008
John Troy Just When I Thought I Was Done 2005
Troy, Mattacks & Brown Live at Captain Carlo's 2005
Joyce Andersen Love & Thirst 2005
Jared Mason She Believes in Me 2003
T.S. Baker Through the Shadows 2003
Caroline Aiken Unshaken 2002
Allen Estes The Souls of the Sea 2002
Jon Pousette-Dart I'm the Man for You 2002
John Troy & David Brown Sidemen 2001
Various Artists Clearwater Live 2001
Jonathan Pointer Love Songs from the Outskirts of Bliss 2001
Poor Law Union Carousel 1999
Eric Schwartz That's How It's Gonna Be 1999
Mary Gauthier Drag Queens in Limousines 1999
Various Artists Respond 1999
Jon Pousette-Dart Ready to Fly 1998
Mary Gauthier Dixie Kitchen 1998
Jess Klein Wishes Well Disguised 1998
Original Soundtrack Niagra, Niagra 1998
Original Score The Opposite of Sex 1998
Martin Sexton Black Sheep 1996
Original Score Key Exchange 1986
Andy Pratt Fun in the First World 1982
John Hall Band Searchparty 1983
John Hall Band All of the Above 1981
Peter C. Johnson Peter C. Johnson 1980
John Hall Power 1979
Pousette-Dart Band Never Enough 1979
Pousette-Dart Band Pousette-Dart Band 3 1978
Pousette-Dart Band Amnesia 1977
Pousette-Dart Band The Pousette-Dart Band 1975