What an enjoyable album from two underappreciated figures who have worked in the trenches for years. Singer/bassist John Troy was a member of Boston's Pousette-Dart Band and has since toured or recorded with everyone from Joe Cocker and Bonnie Raitt, to Martin Sexton and Jess Klein. Brown is a guitar master who was in Billy Joel's band for numerous tours and worked with Graham Parker, Paul McCartney, and Dr. John. Here, they surmount their sidemen status with a highly personable set of adult music that rocks, rolls, and tickles the funny bone. In 14 groove-conscious tunes, they express their versatility by moving from the confessional "Cornball" ("I'm an oddball, are you sure you want to be with me because I'm not Mr. Fashion anymore") and the Dr. Demento-like "Seafood," to the Sly Stone-influenced "You're a Dog," the Latin-pulsed "Candlelight," and the more serious "Find Someone." It's a rich tapestry of good times, exceptional musicianship, and an almost mirthful declaration of independence. An inspired outing from sidemen who have paid their dues and deserve some of the spotlight.

- Steve Morse