April 2003 (4/4/03)

Dear Friends and Fans,

David and I, after careful consideration, have decided to dissolve our partnership. After a rewarding collaboration spanning three years that has generated significant growth for both of us, we now desire to follow separate paths.

We will play out our string of gigs which will take us into June. The John Troy and David Brown website will be converted to all John Troy all the time. When David gets his website up I will put it on my link page.

We will, no doubt, share the stage again whenever our paths intersect. It is also not at all unlikely that we will collaborate on another co-authored project someday. He performs on my solo CD which is under way while I hope for and look forward to the honor of appearing on his next solo effort.

I will elaborate on this and many other things in the newsletter which soon follows.

Thank you for your interest and support.

David and I will see you at Toad in Cambridge on 13 April!

Stay tuned,

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